France Instruction Cynophile centre de formation pour agent cynophile - Lille, Lens et Amiens

An optimal training environment in Northern France

The canine training centre FIC, created by Armando Hembert, is specialized in the recruitment and training of intervention and detection dogs. The centre is often asked to do specific interventions and missions, relating to human detection or the search for illicit materials. Every day the centre welcomes security professionals, law enforcement officials, trainees, future trainees, and individuals wishing to train their companions in Northern France.

Quality training is provided here with optimal safety conditions, on closed grounds. FIC contains 3 places key to learning :

Your canine instructor will divide the training into several parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical education is given in 2 available classrooms equipped with video projectors.
For the convenience and comfort of their trainees, FIC is also equipped with a lunchroom, a kitchenette, a gym with weight machines and mats, and a courtyard.

Centre d'instruction à Calais

Salle centre d'instruction dans le Nord

Salle musculation cynophile Lille

The Technical Platform

The practical part of the training takes place at our technical platform that has training equipment and obstacles, water supply, and shady areas. This equipment, laid out in a wooded area, allows for training to be perfected in the most comfortable way for the dogs and their owners. 

  • Technical Platform :
    Rue du Premier Banc - 62340 Marais de Guînes

Gazon pour les chiens près de la Picardie

Terrains pour les chiens dans le Nord

Le centre d'instruction France Instruction Cynophile met à la disposition de ses stagiaires:

  • Un poste de contrôle de sécurité avec tout le matériel essentiel à la pratique des différentes missions de l'agent (Talkie-Walkie, détecteur de métaux, contrôleur de ronde, PTI, lampe, système de caméra, etc.)
  • Du matériels pédagogiques (ordinateurs avec accès internet, supports papiers, etc.)
  • Du matériels de simulations comme des armes factices (armes à feux, couteaux, etc.)

Matériels France Instruction Cynophile près de Calais

Nevertheless, it should be noted that because of the specific training involved, each trainee must have his or her own vehicle and a transport cage if the training involves your animal. Training is not far from the Calais port, or the Eurostar tunnel stop in Calais or Lille.